A creative soul !

I'm a Technical Consultant with a flair for unique tastes and lifestyle having 7 years of experience. I use data analytics and advanced data-driven methods to understand complex problems, frame research questions and deliver valuable industry-based solutions. I'm looking to solve human-centred challenges in traditional businesses and new markets.  

My hobbies are travelling, cooking, baking, DIYs and more. I am a quintessential dreamer, my head is grounded but my heart is always in the clouds which makes me more ambitious and I want to truly achieve something memorable in my lifetime. My principles mean more to me than money or success. The goal is as important as the way you choose to reach it. I like to do everything with a difference, hoping my identity talks through my work. I am highly motivated and driven easily, and very much laid-back and fun-loving when the time calls. I love exploring castles and ruins during my breaks and holidays.