Old Creations

Rechner, My First Calculator

Rechner started as a simple calculator. It was my start in C# programming. I did not know much. It was given as a mini project by our faculty. It was a small dream for me to complete it. Later I named it 'Calculz', but some of my friends suggested making it unique. I tried different languages like French, Italian, Spanish and lots more. But I did not find them so interesting. Then the German name 'Rencher' finally appealed to me.

This is the latest version Rencher 1.2. There were two other earlier versions, but quite buggy. This is the new and improved one with extra features. It was last updated in 2009.

Tick Tac Toe, My First Game !!!

Tick Tac Toe is my C# first game. It is a two-player game. As everyone knows this traditional game, I don't have to say much. It was last updated in 2009.